about the author

My job is to help change... change what?

In terms that are certainly too general, the answer is to help change what has not been changed and cannot be changed, despite the fact that we have tried in every way at our disposal: well, at that juncture I can be of effective help.

In less general terms, the workfiled is the human behaviour: excessive? conceited? Do I mean any human behavior?  Just all of them?

Yes, I would say yes, with the only, and not small, limitation to the age, at least for now: for me it is preferable to deal with adults, say from 21 years of age onwards.

My professional history is long, the titles of the roles that I have, over time, from time to time, assumed and exercised, are many: executive coach, advisor and consultant for organizational and professional development, university  professor,  trainer, facilitator, coordinator of ad hoc interventions in Italian and multinational companies, aimed at developing the transversal skills of managers and   professionals,  classic people management and  change management titles, and the management of HR processes and systems, one title for all,  Employee  Performance Management.

Among the companies I have served are Trevi Group, De Nora Group, Groupe Schneider, Tenaris, Gucci Group, many other medium and small organizations whose name I do not name here, mainly for brevity; I have also served numerous professionals, freelancers and professionals with exclusive contracts, whose name I omit here, both for brevity and confidentiality.

Yes, a lot of people.

In recent years my professional activity has been dedicated mainly to combining systemic knowledge, conquered over the years and continuously tested, in daily professional practice, so far with results, for me, for my customers, for my students, of which I can reasonably declare myself satisfied;  knowledge based on the results of 150 years of research on human learning, including neuroscience, integrated into the systematic perspective, evolution of the contributions of numerous authors, including Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Humberto Maturana, Niklas Luhmann.

I have written and published books and articles, less than I would have liked, perhaps more than I could afford:

  • NEUROGRAMMA, EMOZIONE E PENSIERO - per un modello sistemico della mente umana, 2016, distributed by Feltrinelli Libraries
  • EMOTICA - Manuale Minimo, 2013, distributed by Feltrinelli Libraries
  • INTELLIGENZA EMOTIVA - Intelligenze Emozionali e Organizational Behavior, 2004, in SVILUPPO & ORGANIZZAZIONE, pp 54-60, n° 206
  • ASPETTI DEL LAVORO PSICOLOGICO NELLA PICCOLA E MEDIA IMPRESA, 2000,  in La Formazione Psicologica - fondamenti, competenze, metodologie, strumenti e ambiti di intervento, Franco Angeli, Milan
  • SERVIZIO, PRESTAZIONE E IDENTITA' - Per una nuova prospettiva di analisi e sviluppo delle attività di servizio, 1998, ISEDI, Turin
  • Many articles, short and shorter, in the form of web pages, on many sites, someone still existing, others closed since more or less time.


On this website I “re-publish" the articles that today I still consider worthy of the time and energy that their reading requires, and new articles, the result of the elaboration of what I do now.

contact: mail[at]ugobonora.net