Telling, describing, writing are relatively simple actions, for us humans, they require moderate commitment, and some time.

We all know this, the fast flow of our lives normally confines to the obvious knowledge that is not so obvious: among them time, commitment, energy, and the conditions that allow us to think.

Before you can write or describe, you have to think, and then you can try to write or describe the thought that you were able to formulate, the core, the connections, the premises, what can be achieved.

To me, and so it seems to many, it is impossible to think while I am engaged in other activities: the thoughts that I can think of concern, generally, the activity I am carrying out.

When these are not too demanding, for example to drive the car in light traffic conditions, to walk, then I can semi-think, as they say, collect and set aside pieces and elements that I can use later ... or maybe not.

What has been published here, and made available to anyone interested in these topics, has taken a long time and a lot of energy, is the result of research, attempts and elaborations that have taken place over four  decades.

Research, attempts, elaborations developed without the material support of any institution, of any "sponsor", public or private: research, attempts and elaborations that I will continue to do, in any case, making my way, as far as I can, between the commitments and needs that, like many, I too have to face in order to survive.

My gratitude will go to those who, freely and voluntarily, will donate in support of my commitment and my work of researching and sharing knowledge that can help each human being to obtain a better quality of his professional life and daily life.

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