The problem is ancient, between the definitions we could take that attributed to Aristotle:

"Anyone  can get angry: this is easy; but to get angry with the right person, and in the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way: this is not in anyone's possibilities and it is not easy. "

After two thousand four hundred years the matter has not yet been resolved, we all should, after two thousand four hundred  years, be able to get angry in the right way and so on, and we don’t,  stuck at the post.

Why is that? Given that it is quite recognized that anger can also be very useful, it is energy made available to a purpose, and only God knows if there are no excellent purposes, universal, that deserve to be achieved: from the good management of the resources of the environment to the elimination of poverty, misery, hunger, the unnecessary deaths of millions of human beings, of children.... the list is not infinite, it is certainly a substantial list.

Today there are some answers, answers that for me are good enough, solid enough to build on it, or at least try, a different path along which to walk, all of us. Pretentious? Conceited? I don't really care about these possible judgments of my peers, I realize that the vast majority of the world's inhabitants are, today, quite fed up with how things are going, and I know for sure that someone wish a really different planetary way of life.

Let's start with the covid-19 coronavirus, otherwise called SARS-CoV-2, not only and not really for the obvious reason that today almost no more is spoken about, but especially because, at this difficult conjuncture of the life of all the peoples and nations of the globe, we find a handheld, incontrovertible, firm and solid confirmation of a possibility that at least some of us have long imagined.

Are we angry? Eh, a little yes, then we make a reason, we mask the issue as a cause of greater strength, as an unpredictable obstacle that has found us (us who? we see it  later) unprepared, to mitigate our everyday discomfort, but we do not like it, we do not really like: the freedom of movement severely limited, the difficulty of accessing specialized care, the possibility of being hit and mowed down by the virus, the separation from those we love (for those who still have someone to love), for many the dead ones they cannot cry, the dying ones who can not be accompanied.

For many the burning difficulties generated by the blockade, the reserves of money that burn to survive without earning, the simple maintenance that is increasingly difficult to guarantee to themselves and to those we love, massive layoffs, the job that can’t be found, much worse than before the covid, and also before it was not easy, the black predictions for the next two years:  since things,  of course, will get worse, worse and worse, the difficulties will increase, and many  of us will be unarmed, without defense and protection, not only from the expected and probable return of the virus in a few months, but especially from the difficulties that grow every day in providing for themselves, literally to survive, food, shelter, company.

More than angry we seem scared and helpless, only someone, still not many, gets angry: like everyone, I also have access to the world only through the news published by the newspapers, and I say fortunately there is the web, daily news that concern people who get pissed because they have no money in their pockets to buy food and pull out the gun at the supermarket, get pissed because there are no masks, get pissed because they he can not receive appropriate care, hospitals crowdy and collapsed by covid, because their loved ones can not be adequately cured, pissed-off  because the authoritative voices are so many, too many, one day they say one thing in one way and the next in another, completely opposite.

They get pissed-off and threaten the lockdown because there are no protective equipment, and they literally find themselves risking their skin to give service to the community.

To all the pissed-off ones in the world, I would like to convey my deep solidarity, let us unite and do something useful for all communities around the planet.

I am deeply, permanently and irrevocably, pissed-off, fully aware of the motives and perfectly lucid about the recipients, in short, against whom and what.

I'm pissed-off because I'm scared, like everyone else.

Again, not many know, caught in the whirlwind of everyday existence, few know and can understand something more about anger: humans have been so congeded for millions of years, anger is one of the emotions triggered by that even older emotion that is called fear.

Scared, afraid for what? Like all humans, I fear  for my survival, for my life, for my way of life, which I like and that I would very much like to maintain,  materially threatenedi every single day, as I see threatened the lives and survival of those I love, my son, my brothers, my sister, friends.

Few are today lucid and brave enough to point the finger at obvious and incontrovertible facts, the first of all, the most important in this pandemic conjuncture, is that, in truth and in reality:

the virus is NOT the problem to be solved, not the very first.

Few, and I am among them, have the courage to point the finger not at the more than eighty thousand  dead ones, but at the planetary condition of health care systems and organizations:  covid is NOT  a problem where and when (Korea's example would suffice) the organization of health care has sufficient resources to deal with the contingent problem, without being forced to the dramatic solution of removing the respirator to one to put it to another who has "better life chances", or to have to resort to the “precedence” in any way acquired, thus motivating the rejection of the last ones in queue.

There are not enough resources, that is there are not enough doctors and nurses, there are not enough protective equipments, there are not enough intensive care stations, there are not enough tests and meds, the refrain is always, everywhere that one, not-there-enough-of.

And here I get pissed, fully pissed-off. Yes, how can you not ask yourself: and why are there not enough resources to provide adequate health care to deal with situations that have been widely foreseen, since long time, for decades?

Who and how did the whole planet fail to make the countries and nations, also of that part of the world so-called "developed", effective and efficient safeguard for everyone's health?

Let's recap: are we angry about the right purpose? Yes.

Are we angry the right way? In the right grade? Yes, at least here, we are reflecting, thinking, looking for ways and solutions, we do not have at all in mind to act violently, but we want to find good answers and good solutions.

Are we angry at the right time? Here's maybe a no, we're late, or at least we could be, these things didn't happen in a single day, but, as we'll see, there were good reasons, Reasons that are no longer there today.

Are we mad at the right person? Well, a little patience, we are working on it, the problem is complex, but we have a trace, a solid track: we have to identify who and how caused the entire planet to miss the effective and efficient garrison for everyone'shealth.

Let's continue the hunt.

2020, March


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