Predation and Protection – Current Measures for The Homo Sapiens Virus

Let's take a look, bird’s eye, where the needy obedience to each of the laws that guide the human acts leads, and to the main bulwarks and presidium placed to limit the negative effects of each law, in short, what protocols of prevention, containment and care have been prepared.

Each law can be seen as the description of a point, of a mode of attack of the virus, let's start from the first: protect its systemic, physical integrity by any means, on the primary level.

And I would say also its own mental integrity, much more difficult to describe, given the miserable absence of a shared scientific model of the human mind that keeps us away from the inspired nonsense of the most widespread romantic or mystical conceptions: this point must be postponed.

Everywhere, the limit placed on each human is the direct damage to the physical integrity of others, except in the delicate case of self-defense: I can defend myself, at least try, when I am attacked, when my life is at stake, but not disproportionately with respect to the magnitude of the attack.

The excess of self-defense is severely punished, and we can consider such also the wilful murder, a kind of peak of the excess of "legitimate" defense: the murders have motives, the motives are all attributable to the protection of themselves, individuals and groups of allied individuals, of accomplices.

Despite the diversity of form, the different laws of nations and peoples have long aligned on this principle: the effectiveness of the deterrent, prophylactic and repressive actions of these conduct varies greatly from country to country, but, in principle, this is it, at least in terms of how to deal with individual and small groups behaviours.

Different kettle of fish is the conduct of the different governments of nations, armed wars and "commercial" wars  are widely deployed, are frequent actions,they have dotted the history of any people, and still they continue to dot our daily news.

And we're not there.

Not even the trade war, recently intensified, but never disappeared from local and planetary scenarios, is justifiable, to the extent that, in direct and indirect ways, it  generates the effect of affecting the chances of survival even of a single human being: in simple terms, not only to make him starve, even just prevent him from a dignified existence.

The wars, armed and commercial, the destination of immense resources to the parties that support both, are one of the roots that have taken away  the resources necessary to adequately deal, only with the constraints of the current best scientific knowledge and the tools at our disposal, with the current covid19 pandemic.

The wars, armed and commercial, the destination of the immense resources to the apparatuses that support them, a hallmark ofall, but precisely all governments of all countries, are one of the roots, mighty and imposing, that feed the complex mechanism that  continues to keep nailed the proportion 10%-90%

To put it in a polite and kind way,we have a lot of work to do to improve the garrison to be opposed to the nefarious, deadly effects of many behaviors, individual and collective, supported by the first law to which the homo sapiens virus obeys.

Stylish, right? I mean, enough, at least... but it does not escape anyone that the answer to how to improve the garrison of wars, realistically, is one and one only.


The second law: predation, in all forms that allow us to feed and protect our organism

We can also consider predation our simple breathing, even if we normally consider it a natural act: we take resources that we need, that are indispensable, from the environment, taking them away from other subjects, human and non-human.

We can consider predator the newborn that sugges, appropriates substances that belong to another organism, although neither of the two elementary actions described so far is considered a crime.

All human activities of extraction, cultivation, breeding constitute themselves as predatory activities, and so all activities related to the transformation, whatever it may be, of what has been preyed upon.

Any predation encounters natural obstacles, such as the action of another stronger or more skilled predator, or social obstacles, such as rules that address property issues.

Very sophisticated rules, supported by the partition and distribution of lands, waters, skies, at the borders of each nation, at the borders of each property legally recognized within each nation.

Rules concerning the acquisition and transfer of property, of any property, an inextricable jungle, which occupies the vast majority of all laws of the world.

Boundaries and rules governing predation, clearly distinguishing between acceptable behavior and criminal behavior, gathered under the huge umbrella of theft.

Theft is not allowed, it is a crime.

In fact, with many grey areas. The most striking, today,  are tax havens, countries, and there are not a few, who live substantially off the proceeds of complicity  in the theft constituted by legalized tax evasion and avoidance.

Very flashy shadow zones, let's say exceptions, better, frank violations, in our recent and remote past,  are made up of the actions of all those governments that have exited in achieving and perpetrating genocides, a chapter that almost no one willingly deals with.

Not much smaller variants are the massive land and subsurface resources exploitation operations carried out by more or less large business groups in the least developed countries of the planet.

We could continue, for pages and pages, and we won't, not now, we have a lot more work to do..

The connections between the "presidium" to the second law and the garrisons  to the first, third, sixth and seventh laws are more than visible, let us resign ourselves from the fact that we will have to take up many of these aspects later: here the central point is the borders, and the convergence of all the laws on border protection, on the defense of borders.

Even for these garrisons, it applies what we have observed for the previous ones: they are other powerful roots that devour resources, including resources that could be allocated to "front of the coronavid19 emergency", which we know to be not, but endemic condition.

They are other powerful roots that feed the monstrous machine that nails and makes irresolvable, unchangeable the 10%-90% proportion.

Are these be improved too?

Here too, as for the previous law, but it does not escape anyone that the answer to how to improve the garrison at the borders, realistically, is one and one only.

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