Interlude – the dream

We've come a long way, a lot of it has to go, but we know enough to see, now, that by following those directions we get, at best, what we get today now. We're not there.

We know enough to begin to see, on our horizon, towards what goal we are heading, towards which regulation of coexistence between the subjects of our species.

We must and can devise what it takes to ensure that we and our children, our loved ones, others, all others, their children and their loved ones, from womb to tomb,  a dignified quality of life, constantly maintaining the balance between the reasonable equality of conditions and the reasonable recognition of differences.

Differences in the configuration of the needs of each individual, at each stage of development, at every age, of the different  type and degree of help and support that each person needs to deploy own abilities, talents, living and acting with others so to be able, in turn, to help and support others.

Differences in the degree of expression of similar abilities,  since it does not seem possible (we will talk about it later) to ignore, obliterate, confrontation and competition: we must and can make this irrepressible inclination, potentially generating factor of good fruits, help and support the life of each and all.

We've been beating around the bush for a while, we can't deny that many knots are formed, inextricable and stringent knots, around the management of property, the right to property, and the expression of that right.

It is a vital ganglion, it cannot simply be cut, or removed, it must find adequate location and possibility of good expression, carefully avoiding that it can ever again transform and feed what we have today, every day.

Before our eyes we have the disproportion between rich and poor, one to a hundred, we have deaths from hunger, from insufficient medical care, for insufficient knowledge, for fratricidal wars.

And there, where we want to go, this must not and cannot exist.

Before our eyes, we have the effects of the exercise of violence, material and social, on minorities, on communities, on groups, on individuals, men and women, especially on women.

And there, where we want to go, this must not and cannot exist.

There, where we want to go, every single identity is recognized and respected, we do not need passports, customs, territorial borders have pure geographical value, nothing more.

Spoken languages and dialects are many, since the diversity of language is, immediately, diversity of thought, potential wealth to be preserved, but each speak and think also in a common language.

The wit of each and all is used to put back and maintain in good balance the survival and life of our species with the environment, considered in all its many and complex aspects.

Study, reflection, the growth of knowledge is not only guaranteed for all, but it is a lifelong commitment, permanent, dosed, but abundant and continuous activity of each and all.

Thousands, perhaps tens, hundreds of thousands, are the minute aspects of the life of each one and of the life of the planetary community we belong, and of each one we can and must take care, knowing and accepting our limits, and well aware of our constraints.

Even of the apparently, to now, invincible propensity of some to misbehave, independent and perhaps insanely connected to forms of real and virtual survival, devastating and devastated... although we can trust that, once the ganglion of the property is harmonized, ensuring that everyone has the help and support they need,  from womb to tomb, we will see almost all crimes and criminals disappear.

Most of them.

We must and can successfully deal with the exercise of strenght, not only in the transition phase, but also after it.

And even if we will not see anything achieved, well, it does not matter, we will still have spent our time, here, now, in these readings, in these reflections, in the studies and in the insights that we can and will do.

We have and will have spent our time regenerating and guarding a dream of a human community lost for too  long, of the possible peaceful, solidary and cooperative coexistence within the entire human community, coinciding with the set of all the members of our species,in every place on the planet..

A possible, reasonable, achievable dream, to be delivered to our children.

A dream that helps us and supports us in measuring with sufficient precision the distance between what we see and what we really need, in identifying with rigour and truth who, in good or less good faith, points out a path that leads to fuel the current disaster, and who tries to go in the good direction that we have found, good for everyone and good for all.

A dream that allows us to read the infinite nonsense that is said and written everywhere, without limits and criticism, acknowledging them for what they are, nonsense:  spoken and written by the powerful of the earth, and no less by ordinary people, all prisoners of the nightmare that coincides with the current reality.

In the end, a dream is a project needing some dates, nothing else.

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