Coaching Skills

I think it is better to skip any attempt to return an orderly and sensible picture of the constituent elements of the now widespread professional practice called Coaching: as per the leadership node, too many voices, too many variants, and, in my opinion not so much subdued, too much written, said and done nonsense.

Coaching is today a widespread name, which collects many practices and almost no recognizable well-founded method, no recognizable and well-founded theoretical framework of reference: variant of the nearby training, education/training of adults, areas that are not in better condition.

Coaching, training, education of adults in turn seen and read as specific forms of the more general Teaching, and related Learning: they too, much older terms and workfields, are in the same condition, collect consolidated and socially approved practices.

Approved not on the basis of their effectiveness with regard to the objective of teaching either with regard to the objective of learning, seen the bleak results at every level of so-called education, from nursery to PhD.

Compared with the disastrous contemporary planetary framework, the systemic proposal represents a considerable improvement, presenting not only and not so much "practices", but above all a method consistent with a theoretical framework that is minimally well founded, explicit and consistent.

The material I present here, in the form of slides commented by me, is the result of one of the most interesting cases I had the opportunity to deal with: a company executive, of a high level, determined to develop and employ his skills as a coach compared to his direct collaborators, which I helped a few years ago.

Twenty-two sessions, each briefly presented, each related to specific systemic topics, in turn made accessible and quite adequately presented... we can (almost) always do better, for the moment I can make this available.

The materials are now available in Italian, the English version is being translated... this will take time and patience.

coming sooner or later...